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Postural Rehabilitation
"Structure dictates function"

Research has proven that the effects of abnormal postures can alter the biomechanics of the spine and cause pain syndromes, headaches, disc degeneration, joint stiffness and muscle tension. Simply put, structure dictates function. Loss of the normal cervical (neck) curve has been directly associated with neck pain and headaches; in addition, loss of the normal curve in the lumbar (low back) spine has been associated with severe lower back pain and disc degeneration. In a survey of over 6,000 cases of chronic headache sufferers, it was found that a loss of the normal curve of the cervical spine is the most consistent feature and very often is the only abnormality found. Note the illustration below:



The cervical spine x-ray view on the left, is a normal curved shape, has wide disc spaces (see arrows) which allows weight to be evenly distributed on the joints. The cervical spine x-ray view on the right, is an abnormal curved shape, and has thin disc spaces (see arrows) which allows weight to bear forward, compressing the joints and allowing the discs between the bones to dry out and degenerate. This can be a very long, painful journey if not corrected!

At Eastside Allied Health, LLC, we will plan a specialized series of postural exercises to complement your treatment schedule so that you can ensure the best possible long-term results. We use a unique combination of isotonic and isometric exercises that have been proven to work; in addition, at times it is recommended that a cervical pillow or lumbar cushion be used at home to help expedite the process in conjunction with your treatments and exercises.

To find out if your posture is affecting your health and causing you pain, please call our office at (770) 482-1114 to set an appointment time that is convenient for you.